Pre-Furnace Area Glass Cutter

Our Payne, Ohio facility is equipped with the latest in glass-specific material handling technology. Our ability to easily manipulate "stoche packs" of jumbo-sized glass means that we can offer our customers a multitude of glass colors and thicknesses. Even on smaller runs, our "quick change" ability means that we can provide options and adaptability that our competitors simply can't.

And the uniqueness of our pre-furnace capabilities extend well beyond simple material handling. From our fully-automated glass cutters, to our CNC grinding, routering and drilling machinery, to our newly refurbished paint area, Taylor Made Glass Systems possesses all of the tools to deliver tempered glass finely-tuned to your exact specifications. Large or small, bronze or blue, 4mm or 8mm, any size, color or thickness in between, our flexibility combined with our capabilities set us apart.

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