Computerized Glass Guage

Certification of Parts

CMM machining capabilities allows us to both manufacture parts in-house and maintain control over their quality and certification standards.


In our business it is all about fit and finish. Gauges are an important part of our process, insuring our products will fit every single time with no deviation. We construct the majority of our gauges in-house or work closely with experts to outsource certain specialized gauges, including some computer controlled units that can spec our glass within the tiniest nanometer.

Product Validation

All testing at our glass and framing facilities is customized to validate individual design concepts and engineering. The majority of our tooling and gauges for production control are constructed in-house.

Glass is tested for proper tempering and breakage patterns. Glazings are tested for water tightness. Latches, locks and handles are tested to make sure they will stand up to the everyday rigors of the rugged markets our windows serve. In short, we will come up with a way to test any of our products, or any part of our products, in such a way that our customer's satisfaction is assured.

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