Product Care Information

Regular cleaning with fresh water and a soft cloth will keep and protect your glass or window for years.


Use commercially available glass cleaners or a mixture of fresh water and vinegar. Do not use abrasives, harsh chemicals, or metal scrapers. Regular cleaning will help assure clarity of the glass for safe operation of vehicle or machinery.


Never use glass cleaning solutions or dry cloth to clean Plexiglas®. Never use acetone, benzene, carbon tetrachloride, or lacquer thinner. The only acceptable cleaners are a small amount of denatured alcohol, clean water, or a commercially available plastic polisher specific for the purpose. Use a soft rag and wash off the Plexiglas® first with lukewarm water to avoid scratching the surface.

Window Channels

Clean window channels with mild detergent only. Channels can be sprayed with silicone aerosol while sliding the glass back and forth.


Polish with commercially available metal polishes. A car wax periodically applied will offer extra protection against the elements.

Painted Surfaces

Clean with fresh water periodically. Touch up scratches and areas where paint has chipped off with touch-up spray paint. Touch-up kits are available from the factory.


Use care when opening and closing latches, adjusters and supports. Do not force.

Factory Customer Service

Advice on proper care of all TMGS products is available from a factory representative to assure you years of service and reliability. Call Taylor Made Glass Systems: (260) 347-1368.