Vertically bent, non-cylindrically shaped glass

Clear Curve Windshield on a Case Combine

Taylor Made Glass Systems' state-of-the-art glass bending technology and tempering know-how turns industry-leading ideas into realities. The rugged performance of our Clear Curve™ glass fuses function and modern style into any design.

All Clear Curve brand glass is hung in one of our four vertical glass furnaces and precision bent to fit your design needs. The vertical tempering method and use of vertical glass molds — constructed in-house — allows for the fabrication of radically bent, non-cylindrical shapes with an impressive depth-of-bend and extremely tight radiuses. As a result, our Clear Curve capabilities can provide you with the practical yet distinctive glass needed so that your machinery or vehicle stands above the rest.

Clear Curve provides greater visibility. Clear Curve provides uniqueness and style. It can have multiple or single radiuses across the glass plane. There are many reasons that a design might require glass with a very specific shape. Those reasons are secondary. What is of the utmost importance to Taylor Made Glass Systems is providing the shape that you need, manufactured to the exacting tolerances that you expect.

Taylor Made Glass Systems Parameters**

Maximum glass cut size 96" x 130" (2438mm x 3302mm)
Maximum glass grind size 96" x 147" (2438mm x 3734mm)
Maximum glass paint size 90" x 144" (2286mm x 3658mm)
Maximum temper size for vertical furnaces (w/tongs) 120" x 110" (3048mm x 2794mm)
Maximum depth of bend for vertical furnaces (5mm & up) 24" (610mm)
Maximum temper size for flat glass (no tongs, 4mm & up) 60" x 120" (1524mm x 3048mm)
Maximum temper size for flat glass (no tongs, 3mm only) 58" x 90" (1473mm x 2286mm)
Minimum temper size for flat glass 12" x 12" (305mm x 305mm)
Maximum temper size for 150" radius glass (no tongs) 55" x 72" (1473mm x 1829mm)
Maximum temper size for 208" radius glass (no tongs) 55" x 80" (1473mm x 2032mm)
Maximum temper size for 300" radius glass (no tongs) 55" x 80" (1473mm x 2032mm)
Minimum temper size for all radius glass 14" x 14" (356mm x 356mm)
Note: Glass can be tempered to Z26.1 or R43 standards (except for 3mm flat glass, which can be tempered to Z26.1 only)
**For parameters outside the scope of this table, please submit inquiries: