Emergency Vehicle Windows

Horton Ambulance

Taylor Made Glass Systems proudly manufactures windows for fire trucks, ambulances, rescue responders and other emergency vehicles, which communities around the U.S. depend upon in times of crisis. These vehicles are built to perform important functions and our windows are often called upon to be an integral part of their construction.

For example, we manufacture windows featuring PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystal) glass for ambulances such as the one pictured above. Also known as “smart” glass or “switchable” glass, PDLC privacy glass is electrically switchable glass that changes from transparent to translucent with the push of a button. When switched on, the glass diffuses light and provides greater privacy.

Taylor Made Glass Systems offers many other window options, as well, for emergency vehicles. But the PDLC window is a great example of how we work with our customers to come up with unique, innovative solutions that get the attention of their end user and add greater value to their products.

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